Short history of Kennel Sniffens

Kaarina has owned dogs ever since she was a little girl. The first dogs were Finnish spitz-like bastards. The primary contact with retrievers occurred when she bought a hybridization of a collie and labrador. This dog was named Jeri. Being attracted to the wonderful temperament of Jeri, Kaarina bought her first labrador retriever Labnon Sniffe in 1969.


That was the beginning of the living interest in dogs. Labnon Sniffe was trained to participate in obedience trials. He was also trained to find missing persons and was used in this capacity by the Finnish Police.

The first contact with flatcoated retrievers occurred in 1971 when Kaarina encountered Puh’s Evoe. Kaarina bought the daughter of Evoe one year later. This bitch Kassuntepun Anina became the ancestor of the flatcoated retrievers of Kennel Sniffens. The first litter was born in 1975.


The bitch Jessica-Juliana, the daughter of Labnon Sniffe, was purchased in 1973. She became the ancestor of the labradors.


The Ibizan podencos came to Kennel Sniffens from Norway in 1993. One litter was born in 1997.


Kaarina passed away peacefully on 13th April 2005. Miia continues breeding alone and Kennel Sniffens is mainly concentrated on flatcoated retrievers.


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